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Be Sure to Read This Before You Hire A Carpet Cleaner

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So you have noticed that the carpets of your home need a little cleaning and the first thing that came to your mind is that carpet and upholstery cleaning machine that you saw at the DIY store.

On the surface, it may seem like a great, cost-cutting move on your end.

However, there are a few things worth considering before you commit yourself to hiring a carpet cleaner.

First, renting a carpet cleaning machine means that either you will have to do the cleaning by yourself at your home. If you intend to use this equipment at your business establishment, you may have to ask your employees to do the job. However, will they be as efficient and capable at getting the job done compared to having the professionals do it?

There are many elements to consider before you rent a DIY carpet and upholstery cleaning machine. Sure, it’s easy to get swayed by claims of pristine-looking and fresh smelling carpets from the suppliers. However, as soon as you get your hands on the equipment, you soon realise that all of it was nothing but a marketing gimmick and the item you’ve just rented will not in fact, get your carpets and upholstery cleaned the way you want it to.

Most times, this is what happens and you don’t have to take our word for it. This is because this information actually comes from people who have experienced it first-hand. We’ve heard one miserable story after another from countless clients who dared to get their hands on these tools only to come away disappointed and feeling conned out of their hard-earned money. Whether it was poor machine performance, extended drying times or hidden charges that caught them by surprise, the biggest takeaway from that experience is that they wouldn’t dare do it again.

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We wholeheartedly admit that our job involves cleaning carpets and upholstery but at the same time, we feel that it is also our responsibility to provide reliable information that you can use. That being said, we’ve listed down four important reasons why you should stick to employing professional carpet and upholstery cleaners in your locale rather than going the DIY route.

1) You believe it’s cost-effective? Think again.

If you thought that you only have to pay for the cost of renting a carpet cleaning machine, we’re sorry to say that you’re sorely mistaken. You have to remember that the machine alone will not get the job done. Aside from the machine, you also have to pay for detergents like a carpet high foot traffic cleaner, pet-stain detergent, upholstery cleaner, spot and stain remover, as well as an anti foaming solution and deodoriser. And then, some suppliers also charge a fee if you want to use an upholstery attachment for cleaning fabrics.

On top of all of that, you also have to find a way to get the cleaning machine from the shop you’re renting it from, which means you have to spend both time and fuel money to collect it and then, make another trip to return it. You also have the option of having the equipment delivered to your home or business but that service does not come free. You add all those costs up and that equals to one expensive rental — which is the exact opposite of what you were aiming for.

2) Rental machines do not have the same functions as the professional ones

Those for-rent cleaning machines just do not have the same functions nor do they deliver the same results as professional carpet and upholstery cleaning machines.

That’s a fact.

First off, they don’t have powerful vacuum suction and water pressure that is crucial to providing deep cleaning results. This is because these rental machines are equipped with small water pumps that are just unable to get the dirt out of carpets effectively. Commercial carpet cleaning equipment like the ones that we use are fitted with fully adjustable high-pressure pumps that allows us to regulate the water flow that will be injected onto your carpets. Aside from that, our machines also have very powerful multistage vacuums that help lift the water out of carpet, letting your carpet dry in just hours and not days.

Also, professional steam cleaning services are carried out using hot water. However, that is not the case with those machines for rent which use regular water. Professional cleaning machines though, go way above that as these have built-in heating mechanisms that heat the water up to as high as 210 degrees thereby giving you better results and faster drying times.

3) There’s a lot of hassle involved

There’s a lot that has to be done when you go and rent a carpet cleaning machine. First comes processing the rental request that involves leaving a deposit and a proof of address at the store for security purposes. And as previously mentioned, unless you go for the delivery and pick-up service, you have to find a way to get the machine and transport it back to your home or business establishment.

Now comes the challenging part: operating the machine yourself. Bear in mind that even with this machine, it will take your many hours to complete cleaning your carpet primarily because these aren’t as powerful as commercial grade machines. And even after spending a few hours using these, you still aren’t guaranteed of having decent results.

4) Nothing beats good, old know-how and experience

Carpet and upholstery cleaning may seem like an easy thing to do but the fact is, it takes years of training and actual experience before you can get it right. That being said, you may not realise it but you actually run the risk of damaging not just the machine you rented but also your carpet and furniture if you don’t have a solid grasp of what you’re doing.

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaners do a whole lot more than just show up at your doorstep and clean your furnishings. They actually go through a multi-step process that involves carefully inspecting your carpet and furniture to determine the kind of fibre or material and what cleaning technique would best suit these.

The professionals you meet here at Queen of Clean are fully-trained, experienced and fully-insured which means you and your furnishings are in capable hands when you get us to do the cleaning for you.

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