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Queen of Clean IOM, is a family run professional cleaning
company. We serve domestic and commercial cleaning
services. We have full liability insurance for all services our small team provide, our team are all fully trained and insured for your peace of mind.

Queen of Clean

Queen of Clean: Revolutionising Commercial Carpet Cleaning on the Isle of Man

Unveiling the Queen of Clean: Isle of Man’s Premier Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Queen of Clean is your trusted local company regarding commercial carpet cleaning on the Isle of Man. We specialise in delivering a more profound, healthier, and longer-lasting clean for your office space or commercial building. 

Say goodbye to ingrained dirt, stains, and high-traffic debris, and say hello to a fresh, inviting workspace that leaves a lasting impression on customers and employees.

Experience and Expertise: Your Assurance of Quality

Here at the Queen of Clean, we take pride in being the most experienced and professional carpet cleaning service on the Isle of Man. We’re not a faceless co-orporation but a local business with deep roots in the community. With years of carpet cleaning expertise and a solid commitment to customer service, we guarantee the following:


  1. Respectful treatment of your commercial premises.
  2. Get your carpets professionally cleaned for longer-lasting freshness.
  3. Personalised high-quality service.
  4. Elimination of hidden bugs and germs in your carpets
  5. Rapid carpet drying ensures you don’t lose business.
  6. Use of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions

Tomasz, Your Local Isle of Man Commercial Carpet Cleaner

With Queen of Clean’s carpet and upholstery cleaning, we understand that your valuable carpets and soft furnishings deserve more than a superficial cleaning. Our cleaning solutions have been meticulously developed over many years to provide a deep, effective clean without the harsh side effects of chemicals.

Our cleaning process is entirely pet, child, and family-friendly, reaching deep into the carpet’s core to lift out all debris. We offer a range of cleaning processes tailored to your carpet’s specific type.

With our eco-friendly and family-friendly systems, you can expect a quick, efficient clean that leaves your carpet dry enough to use the same day. 

With our cutting-edge truck-mount, petrol-driven machine, we can offer hot water extraction carpet cleaning, which provides the deepest clean possible and quick drying times. 

No more inconvenience, just pristine carpets ready for immediate use.


Why Choose Queen of Clean for Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Our tailored carpet cleaning service is designed to enhance the image of your commercial premises, providing a clean, bright environment that exudes professionalism. When you choose Queen of Clean, you enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Cost savings by extending the life of expensive commercial-grade carpets
  • Creating a professional image is essential to making clients, customers, and visitors feel welcome
  • We offer appointments that are convenient for you and your business.
  • Compliance with health and safety requirements
  • You are creating a workplace that is healthier and brighter for your staff.
  • A genuinely convenient local service
  • Our services include cleaning various establishments such as hotels, shops, restaurants, office buildings, residential homes, local authorities, and commercial and industrial premises. Our services include cleaning multiple establishments such as hotels, shops, restaurants, office buildings, residential homes, local authorities, and commercial and industrial premises.

Long-Lasting Cleaning and Carpet Preservation

Our cleaning process not only leaves your carpets much cleaner but also ensures they stay that way for an extended period. Unlike cheap, off-the-shelf detergent-laden solutions that leave sticky residues, our cleaning agents remove dirt from deep within the carpet, physically lifting it away. This thorough cleaning ensures that dirt won’t reappear, saving you money and keeping your carpets fresher for longer. Our process also keeps carpet fibres in optimal condition, preventing compression and maintaining their fullness.`

Convenient Workplace Carpet Cleaning

We understand the need to minimise disruption in your workplace. That’s why we offer carpet cleaning bookings that suit your schedule. With our quick-drying process, your carpets can be used the same day, minimising inconvenience.  


No more wet carpets causing operational headaches. Our specialist, non-toxic, and eco-friendly cleaning products not only keep your carpets cleaner for longer but also eliminate the risk of sticky residues attracting dirt and germs. With minimal water usage, our cleaning process ensures that your carpets won’t suffer from damage, shrinkage, or over-wetting.

A Specialist Carpet Cleaner You Can Trust

Queen of Clean specialises in carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning. We don’t outsource our work to a team; Tomasz and his employees personally handle every job. Tomasz lives on the Isle of Man and takes great pride in offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

Creating a Healthier Office Environment

Carpets act as filters, trapping germs, bugs, pollen, stains, and debris from our daily lives. Our carpet cleaning service not only leaves your carpets looking cleaner but also makes them healthier by removing these unwanted elements. 

Our thorough carpet cleaning can reduce symptoms and promote a healthier office environment if you or your employees suffer from asthma or allergies.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our service. If you’re not completely satisfied after we’ve provided a professional carpet cleaning, we’ll refund your money with no hassle or fuss.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process: A Detailed Overview

Step 1: Pre-Inspection – We evaluate your carpets and address your concerns.

Step 2: Commercial Vacuum – We remove dry soil with commercial-grade vacuuming.

Step 3: Furniture Moving – We’ll move furniture for your convenience.

Step 4: Pre-spray and Pre-spot – We apply preconditioning cleaning solutions to break down soil and spots.

Step 5: Agitation – We use professional agitation machines to help loosen the soil within the fibres of your carpet.

Step 6: Extraction – Our powerful extraction system leaves your carpets pH-balanced and residue-free.

Step 7: Post Spot – We treat any remaining spots or stains.

Step 9: Drying Equipment – High-velocity air movers ensure rapid drying.

Step 10: Post-Cleaning Inspection – We review the results with you to ensure that you are satisfied. 

Reliable. Professional. Trusted.

Choosing the Right Commercial Carpet Cleaner

When selecting a carpet cleaner, consider these factors:

  • Local presence and experience
  • Positive reviews and recommendations
  • Range of cleaning methods for different carpet types
  • Satisfaction guarantees
  • Compliance with Health and Safety
  • Insurance and certification

Queen of Clean embodies all these qualities. We’re not a faceless corporation; we’re a local, experienced, and reliable choice for your commercial carpet cleaning needs. We prioritise your satisfaction, delivering a service that exceeds your expectations.

Choose Queen of Clean for a healthier, brighter, and cleaner workplace. 

Call us today and experience the difference a professional carpet cleaning service can make.

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