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It depends on many different factors like the condition the carpet is in, the kind of material it is made out of, the number of stains and ease of access to the property just to mention a few of the elements that need to be considered. But on average, cleaning the carpet on a flight of stairs and the landing will take anywhere between an hour and 1.5 hours.. On the other hand, cleaning the carpet of a 2-3 bedroom house will take approx. 2.5 hours.

Much like carpet cleaning, the same elements apply. But as a rule of thumb, it takes 30 minutes to clean one seating area so theoretically, a 2-seater would take an hour etc.

It depends on the kind of carpet you have and the condition that is in. Carpets and upholstery usually take a few hours to dry. However, some fabrics take longer than others. One such example is wool. However, we have drying equipment which we use to help expedite the drying process.

We always highly recommend booking in advance. However, we will always do our best to provide customers with the first available appointment and keep them up-to-date should any slots open up because of cancellations.

We are a fully insured company, which means you have nothing to worry about should there be any accidental damage caused by our staff, whether it’s in a domestic or commercial setting.

We cannot guarantee that your carpet will be 100% like new. However, with our extensive experience and top of the line equipment and cleaning solutions, you can be assured of the best possible results.

You can book via e-mail, Facebook, telephone or even through a live chat on our website.

Once the job is completed, you can pay via cash, card or through bank transfer.

Yes, We would be more than happy to provide you with a receipt. We can also send one via email.

We strongly recommend that you give us a 24-hour notice if you wish to reschedule or cancel your booking. Otherwise, the client will be asked to pay £40 of the total bill if she/he wishes to cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Yes. Queen of Clean only utilises professional equipment and chemical solutions that are specifically designed for use in a home or a commercial environment.  Please let us know of any concerns before we commence cleaning.

The service rates depend on the size and condition of your property. We always encourage clients to arrange a convenient date and time for a free and no-obligation quote.

We always recommend to a client to remove any items from rooms that they would like to be cleaned before our team’s arrival. Of course, we would be happy to help move any items that are a reasonable weight. At the same time, we can also discuss the options you have when it comes to moving furniture to better give you a clear picture of what can be moved around safely.

While manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned at once every 12 to 18 months, the fact is it depends on the foot traffic, the number of people residing in the building, and whether you have pets around just to name a few crucial factors. Generally, carpets should be cleaned consistently to avoid heavy soiling, as this will significantly reduce the lifespan of your carpet.

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