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Due to its durability and simple elegance, hard flooring is very common in both residential and commercial properties. They are also quite practical in terms of upkeep, though often requiring you to have a cleaning and maintenance schedule in place to keep wear and tear at bay, and to keep them appealing. For instance, you probably already know that hard floors made of natural materials such as wood can influence the look and feel of a room when new, but can degrade quite quickly if not cared for the proper way.

If you’ve been on the lookout for reliable hard floor cleaning services in the Isle of Man, this is definitely the place to be! Queen of Clean has been serving the region for over five years and we pride ourselves on delivering absolute satisfaction and peace of mind to all our customers. We specialize in cleaning, buffing and polishing all types of hard floor surfaces, including hardwood, concrete, marble, laminate, terrazzo, tiles, and safety floors – along with providing leading carpet cleaning service on IOM.

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What To Expect With Our Hard Floor Cleaning Service

When it comes to hard floor cleaning, we aim to please. We want to provide that extra shine, natural beauty, and longevity to your floors. Queen of Clean can prepare a customized cleaning and maintenance plan specific to the type of floor surface and at your convenience. We employ cutting-edge methods and equipment to clean and treat the floor and end each job with high gloss and slip-resistant finishes.

When you call Queen of Clean, our experienced hard floor cleaning crew will arrive on the agreed date and get to work in earnest. First, they’ll do a quick inspection to identify the most suitable cleaning solution and technique required. Some of our most popular cleaning methods include:

  • Sealed Floor – This involves scrubbing the hard floor to remove the top layer of the old sealant and apply the cleaning solution. After the solution has soaked up all the accumulated dirt and grime, the cleaners will clean it all up and spray the floor with new sealant.
  • Polished Floor – Floors like linoleum and vinyl often require the application of a special stripping solution and a rotary machine with mash pads to strip the polish.

This solution doesn’t just break down the polish, but also soaks up any accumulated dirt and dust on the floor so the machine simply removes everything.

The last stage of the cleaning process involves applying a new layer of polish and allowing it to properly dry. In any case, we work rather fast so you should be able to walk on your newly-cleaned hard floor after two or three hours.

  • Regular Rotary Cleaning – This is for floors that don’t need recoating. Our technician will simply apply the appropriate cleaning solution to dislodge any ingrained grime and stains and give it a good scrub with the rotary machine.

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