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Rug Cleaning Services On The Isle Of Man

Whether you have children, pets, or simply spend the bulk of your time at home, you know your rug, carpet and other upholstered furniture tend to see lots of foot traffic throughout the day. Dirt, food crumbs, dust, and stains are quite unavoidable, but you don’t have to accept that your furniture should remain dirty and full of stains, especially when expert help is just one call away.

Queen of Clean IOM delivers a wide range of professional cleaning services in the Isle of Man to help keep your rugs in excellent condition. Our rug cleaning services are strong enough to take out the deepest stains and yet gentle enough not to damage surfaces or cause bleaching.

As expert cleaners, we can restore the ‘as-new’ look of any rug, including antique rugs, Persian rugs, area rugs, Oriental rugs and more.


Rug Cleaning Services IOM

How Do We Clean Your Rugs?

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We employ various methods, cleaning solutions and equipment based on the fibre and texture of your rug, in order to achieve the best possible results. One of our most effective rug cleaning procedures is deep steam cleaning or Hot Water Extraction Rug cleaning. The process involves heating up a solution of water and cleaning agent to a high temperature which is then shot onto the rug and simultaneously extracted by way of a powerful suction.

This rug cleaning method is ideal because it efficiently extracts deeply settled dirt, dust, and other debris while also destroying microbes, bacteria, and mould spores. Additionally, we use detergent-free cleaning solutions so there is no risk of abrasive chemicals causing damage. The process is fast and doesn’t leave your rug soaking wet and there are no sticky residues whatsoever, so you can get to using your clean rug after a few minutes. Should you wish, we can also apply protective Scotchgard coating on the rug to keep it looking clean and fresh for longer.

Let Us Revive Your Rug..

Queen of Clean IOM takes great pride in being the leading name when it comes to professional rug & carpet cleaning in the Isle of Man. Whether you want to give your rug and upholstery a fresh look or get rid of unsightly stains, you can count on us to deliver nothing but our best for your home or office. With us, you can expect:

  • Professional rug cleaning products and equipment
  • Experienced, trained and certified technicians
  • Convenient bookings and flexible schedules
  • Affordable prices and fantastic deals
  • Fully insured services
  • Complete clean guarantee for every job
Rug Cleaning Isle of Man

Genuine Rug & Carpet Cleaning Experts On IOM

Unrivalled Expertise...

We take great pride in investing in continued training from some of the world’s leading carpet, rug and fine fabric cleaning experts.

Our membership with NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) goes some way to proving our continued investment in training as we aim to be the best Rug Cleaner on the Isle Of Man.

Rug Cleaning To Impress You...

Our Rug cleaning service may be carried out at your property or we may take your Rug back to our premises in Douglas, Isle of Man where the following process is carried out.

– Rug beating to loosen / remove dry soiling
– Thorough vacuuming
– Cleaning agent application (pre-spray)
– Hot water extraction (also know as steam cleaning)
– Inspection & Spot / Stain treatment / cleaning
– Drying

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Isle of Man residents have come to trust Queen of Clean as the premier professional cleaning service across the island. Call us today (07624) 237333 or fill out our contact form for a free quote on our rug cleaning services or on any of our other cleaning services.

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