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How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles

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Carpet Beetles are one of the lesser-known pests found in UK homes; typically, cockroaches and rats generate more newsworthy reporting, but Carpet Beetles can cause a homeowner a lot of hassle and expense.

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How Do Carpet Beetles Get Into Your Home?

A carpet beetle’s diet consists of fabric and animal products, which means that the modern home is the perfect breeding ground for these pests. The beetles gain access to your property, through open windows and doors, before depositing on furniture, rugs, and clothing. The biggest problem is that when left untreated, the beetles can then hatch, and the entire cycle can repeat ad-infinitum.

What Procedures Does Queen of Clean IOM Employ To Eradicate Carpet Beetles From Our Customers Homes?

We recommend a simple but proven four-step process to deal with any Carpet Beetle issues.

  1. Professional Vacuum Cleaning – We are the only carpet cleaner in the Isle of Man with market-leading truck mounted Carpet Cleaners. These powerful cleaners cut through worn in dirt in your carpet, removing larvae, eggs, and beetles. We don’t just clean the carpets. However, we also ensure that all of your rugs, curtains, and furniture are receive the full treatment.
  2. Steam Cleaning – Now that we have removed the vast majority of the problem by vacuuming, the next step is to steam clean all of the vacuumed areas – our professional carpet cleaning service can provide this service for you. The reason for this part of the process is that the heat and moisture in the steam remove any beetles and eggs which may have escaped the hoover.
  3. Wipe Down All Surfaces With Vinegar – Although the majority of Beetles will be attracted to soft furnishings, as part of the cleaning process, we then wipe down all surfaces with Vinegar. We use a mixture of apple cider vinegar diluted slightly with water. We ensure that all shelves, drawers, window sills, and cupboards are treated.
  4. Wash All Pillows and Clothing – Once we have completed the deep clean of your home, we advise you to wash all bedding and clothing using hot water and detergent. This should include towels and linen. If you have identified specific items of clothing that, in your opinion, are too badly infested, then seal them tightly in a plastic bag and take them to the local tip.
  5. Have Insecticide Applied By A Licenced Pest Controller – Although we are very confident that our intensive cleaning process will help eliminate the vast majority of carpet beetles, we recommend that our customers take the final step in having us apply insecticide – which we are licenced to do. This is because even with all of our treatments, severe infestations may need to be treated with professional-grade ingredients not available to the general public.
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