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Why Mould In Your Building Could Have Benefitted From The Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences worldwide, with millions of families affected, businesses closing down, and untold damage to the economy worldwide. But aside from the obvious health problems caused by the virus, there could be an unforeseen issue lying in wait as businesses begin the slow process of finally reopening – mould.

How Is mould Linked To COVID-19?

From an outsider looking in, it might appear that there  \is no direct correlation between the pandemic and mould, but unfortunately, there is likely to be an ever-increasing link as offices reopen and normality returns. The problem lies in the fact that mould can flourish when left untreated in a property, and due to government restrictions, many business premises have been closed for months on end.

This could potentially have provided mould with the perfect conditions to develop, breed, and spread within premises with minimal disruption in its path. This will, in turn, contaminate a building and pose health risks to employees, which is why as a business or property owner, it is critical that you check for any signs of mould and invest in professional cleaning to eradicate the problem at source.

How and Where Does mould Tend To Grow In A Building?

Unused buildings provide mould with virtually unlimited opportunities to establish itself. Whether that comes from a failure in the plumbing, a build-up of moisture due to heating systems being turned down in an attempt to save money, or simply a reduction in everyday maintenance, Covid restrictions have provided the catalyst for this problem.

Another issue with mould is that it typically develops in areas that are not easily accessible or easy to see. The problem could be developing without any apparent signs. Property managers need to place mould prevention near the top of their essential tasks list, and never has this been more important than when reopening a building after a long period of closure.

The Four Key Strategies To Implement In The Battle Again mould

1. Use Professional Equipment To Measure Humidity Levels In Your Building

Mould loves humidity, so any building where humidity fluctuates wildly or exceeds 50 percent is at an increased risk. Checking the humidity levels in a building is a simple and straightforward procedure that requires the use of a digital hygrometer. Regular monitoring of your building is a simple but effective strategy to assess the risk to the property of mould exposure. Bear in mind that with the right conditions, mould can spread rapidly, sometimes within a few days.

2. Conduct Regular Risk Assessments and Inspect Empty Buildings Thoroughly Before Reopening

Although it might be too late for this pandemic, any buildings which are left unattended for long periods of time should be checked regularly for signs of mould and moisture levels. Look for signs of mould growth, dampness, and any unpleasant smells, as these are good symptoms that are relatively easy to identify. These checks should definitely be completed prior to staff re-entering the premises after extended periods of closure.

3. Regularly Check For Plumbing Issues and Damage

Leaks in the plumbing system provide the perfect breeding ground for mould. It is the small leaks that pose the most significant threats, as they can go undiscovered for long periods of time. Regularly check pipes window frames n=and around doorways.

4. Be Careful With Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems, which have been used sporadically over an extended period of time, can hide mould, behind vents and in areas not visible to the human eye. This problem is then exacerbated when the air conditioning is switched on, as it essentially spreads the mould spores far and wide across the building.

Get Your Building Professionally Cleaned

If you suspect that you have a mould outbreak, or have seen it with your own eyes, then the best option is to bring in the professionals to deal with the situation.

At Queen of Clean, we have many years of experience and expertise in dealing with mould infestations. We have the tools, the knowledge, and the expertise to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. Don’t panic Queen of Clean can resolve your issue today. To book a free no-obligation quotation, contact us today on 07624 237333.

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