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Cleaning can be time consuming, dull, and often difficult to carry out effectively. Fortunately for you, we have the skills and tools you need to help ensure a sparkling finish each and every time. Here at Queen of Clean, we have a wealth of experience in tackling any and every cleaning need you discover – from dealing with the dreaded end of tenancy deep clean, to carrying out full sanitisation and infection control at your premises. Our team of cleaners are insured, reference-checked and highly trained, allowing them to take care of your cleaning while you enjoy kicking back and relaxing.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Life can be hectic, and fitting cleaning into your schedule can be tricky. Queen of Clean takes care of the domestic drudge and leaves you free to spend your time on more pleasant tasks. Our team of trained, experienced cleaners will blitz your home from top to bottom, taking care of vacuuming, dusting, polishing, emptying bins, changing beds and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. We can also assist with keeping your carpets clean and in good repair, to ensure that everything looks its best. Choose from a weekly, fortnightly or annual clean, or a one-off spring clean for a fresh start.

Rug, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

With many insurance policies omitting soft furnishings such as rugs, upholstery and carpets, many homeowners believe that their only hope of maintaining a spotless home is to replace these items regularly- especially after a big stain or unsightly mark. Queen of Clean, however, can restore rugs and carpets to their full glory, without the expense of a whole new unit. Our experienced team checks the quality of your existing fittings, alerts you to any damage, and then carries out a simple, five step treatment which leaves everything looking as good as new in no time.

In addition to carpets, we can also help to keep your upholstery in the best possible condition, and have tackled items from mattresses to sofas – as well as everything in between – and will leave you home looking, smelling and feeling great. Our team is highly trained to ensure that your upholsteries are treated correctly; this includes close analysis of fibres to make sure that the proper treatment and products are applied on each clean. This will help to maintain the longevity of furnishings, all while saving you money on regular replacements to existing items – with our cleaning team, they will look like fresh new furniture!

Upholstery Cleaning by Queen Of Clean IOM - More than just Carpet cleaners on IOM

Carpet Repair

Carpets can be one of the most expensive investments in your home, and finding that they are ripped or damaged can be a real blow. Rest assured, however, that there is no need to shell out on an expensive bill or replace the whole unit – we can carry out a top-quality repair in no time, which will leave your carpet looking as fresh as the day it was laid. We will use one of three methods to repair the damage, leaving the spot indiscernible from the surrounding space – nobody will ever be able to tell that there was anything wrong.

Leather Cleaning

Investing in leather goods is a wise choice, but this is a temperamental material which needs handling correctly, or else risks becoming damaged. Here at Queen of Clean, our team is trained to tackle leather cleaning properly, and will take proper care of everything from equestrian accessories to vehicle upholstery.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Whether you choose smooth stone, stunning marble or real wood, there is no denying that a hard floor can add a real touch of class and elegance to your space. Hard floors are also durable and reliable – perfect for high traffic areas – and can be far easier to maintain than their carpeted counterparts. No matter the construction, Queen of Clean has the skills and expertise to bring your floors up to their full glory, and we only use the solutions and equipment which are the very best fit for your materials. Get ready to see your floors sparkle and shine!

Infection Control and Sanitisation

Maintaining a safe, clean space involves minimising the spread of infection wherever possible. This requires a very specific and specialist type of cleaning; one which our skilled technicians are more than capable of carrying out to the highest standards. We ensure that correct PPE is used throughout the process, and that this is disposed of correctly to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and reinfection in another area of the building. Our team is also trained in handling a range of chemicals, disinfectants and antibacterial products, leaving your space not only sanitised, but totally safe for you to use and inhabit.

Vehicle Cleansing

With everything else going on in life, can you really find time for a regular valet? Never fear: at Queen of Clean, we can transform your car from an extension of your waste bin to a sleek, slick paradise, with any bad smells a thing of the past. We will vacuum, clean and polish to eliminate drink spillages, any odors from pets and cigarettes, mould, and body fluids, including vomit and urine. Your car is typically a major investment, so it is important to keep up with maintenance and cleaning, to help your vehicle remain in the best possible condition.

Ozone Disinfection

At Queen of Clean, we are always introducing new solutions for our customers, and there has been a lot of interest recently in environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Additionally, many customers are interested in solutions that do not involve the use of cleaning products whatsoever due to allergic reactions or other health issues. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that, in essence, is activated oxygen. It is a natural cleaning product, which is activated when it comes into contact with any odour. This causes a reaction that oxidizes the odour into a harmless, non-odourous substance. If you are interested in discussing this innovative, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning solution, contact our customer service team today on 07624 237333 .

Pleased To Serve Peel

Peel is a seaside town and a small fishing port which is found on the Isle of Man. Following Ramsey and Douglas, Peel holds a respectable position as the third largest town on the island, and was a major House of Keys constituency. When our Queen of Clean team is not hard at work making surfaces sparkle and transforming homes, they can be found taking in the rich history of the town – with a ruined castle and cathedral to explore, a marina to enjoy and stunning walks around the region, visitors will never be short of something to do.

If all the history helps you work up an appetite, a visit to the Two Fellas Micropub will help you get back to full strength, with an extensive menu packed with must-try dishes, this is the perfect option to help you enjoy the local cuisine in style.

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