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For most of us, cleaning is not the number one way to spend our leisure time. Nonetheless, it is essential for maintaining a safe, healthy and happy space, and so time must be dedicated to vacuuming, removing dust and eliminating unwanted dirt. But what if you had a team of trained professionals to take this chore off your hands?

Queen of Clean has been helping clients take care of their cleaning issues for the last five years. Located in Ramsey and across the Isle of Man, our team of trained, skilled cleaners are exactly what you have been searching for.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Getting into a regular cleaning routine can be challenging, especially when you are trying to fit chores into a packed schedule. At Queen of Clean, we want to take the pressure from your shoulders, lighten your load, and ensure that you can enjoy a squeaky clean home without any of the stress. Choose from a regular top-up or an in-depth deep clean – perfect for those end of tenancy inspections – and tick another chore off the to-do lists. We can also help businesses and commercial premises stay on top of their cleaning, leaving you free to focus on more important issues.

Rug, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Part of maintaining rugs, carpets and upholstery is ensuring that they are cleaned using the right solutions and equipment. At Queen of Clean, we understand not all rugs are equal, and so adapt techniques to the product at hand. One of our top options is hot water extraction; as the name suggests, this involves heating a mixture of cleaning agent and water, before shooting it onto the rug and simultaneously extracting with a powerful suction. This is both gentle and effective; the quality of your pile will be preserved, but any stains or marks will be eliminated. The hot water extraction method also removed dust, dirt and microbes, helping to keep your space safe and sanitary.

At Queen of Clean, we pride ourselves on omitting harmful detergents and chemicals from our cleaning process; theser can be abrasive, and cause devastating damage to delicate rugs, carpets and furniture. Instead, our innovative, complete methods will keep your items looking their best and squeaky clean – without risk of damage, marks or sticky residue which can degrade the quality of the piece. Whether you are taking care of a precious Persian, or maintaining your favourite classic, we have the tools and skills to help.

Upholstery Cleaning by Queen Of Clean IOM - More than just Carpet cleaners on IOM

Carpet Repair

Purchasing a new carpet is a big investment, and one which typically tends to incur a great expense. Over time, your surface will naturally wear down and become tired and bedraggled, and damage can occur. Rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater, the Queen of Clean team can carry out a high-quality repair which will leave your carpet looking as good as the day you first had it fitted. We can retuft, re-stretch and patch affected or damaged areas, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality carpet, no matter how many times you accidentally drop the iron on it.

Leather Cleaning

There is no denying that leather looks great, but without the correct care, treatment and attention, it can quickly become damaged. Using the wrong detergent is a common rookie error; the Queen of Clean team are well versed in cleaning leather goods, and will take care of your precious items.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floors are popular for many businesses and homes, with their design, durability and hardwearing nature making them a popular pick. We offer two main solutions depending on the type of floor and process you desire. The first is for sealed floors; this involves scrubbing the floor until the top layer of old sealant is removed. The cleaning solution is then applied and left to soak up dirt and grime. Following this, the floor is cleaned and resealed. Alternatively, polished floors can be stripped and cleaned thoroughly with a rotary machine before being repolished and left as good as new.

Infection Control and Sanitisation

While keeping your home clean and fresh is a task which can be fairly easily achieved, staying safe, sanitised and healthy can be a little trickier – unless you have the right team by your side. At Queen of Clean, our specially trained technicians are skilled and experienced in taking care of every element of infection control, including reducing the risk of cross-contamination and re-infection. With PPE, thorough cleaning processes and strict attention to detail, you can rest assured safe in the knowledge that you are in the best hands – our team will keep your safe and self happy and healthy.

Vehicle Cleansing

Keeping your car in tip-top condition can sometimes feel like an arduous chore, tricky to fit into your busy working week. With the amount of time many of us spend in our vehicles, however, they are prone to accumulate rubbish, dirt and grime from everyday life. Here at Queen of Clean, we are skilled in tackling stubborn stains and unwanted smells, and leaving your car looking and feeling as fresh as the day it was purchased. With an aversion to detergent, there is no risk of damage to your upholstery – we are equipped to deal with any type of vehicle.

Ozone Disinfection

At Queen of Clean, we are always introducing new solutions for our customers, and there has been a lot of interest recently in environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Additionally, many customers are interested in solutions that do not involve the use of cleaning products whatsoever due to allergic reactions or other health issues. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that, in essence, is activated oxygen. It is a natural cleaning product, which is activated when it comes into contact with any odour. This causes a reaction that oxidizes the odour into a harmless, non-odourous substance. If you are interested in discussing this innovative, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning solution, contact our customer service team today on 07624 237333 .

Pleased To Serve Ramsey

As the second largest town on the Isle of Man, the popularity of Ramsey is not without merit. The town boasts a population of just under 8000 inhabitants, and features one of the biggest harbours on the island. One of the key focal points is the Queen’s Pier, a site currently undergoing restoration, and which looks set to be the centre of a hub of innovation in years to come.

That doesn’t mean that visitors will be left twiddling their thumbs, however; Ramsey is a haven for nature lovers, ramblers and dog walkers, with Mooragh Park and the Millenium Way walking train both proving hugely popular with tourists and locals alike.

The nearby Venture Centre is a must-visit for adventure enthusiasts, or you can step back in time at the Grove Museum, before enjoying a round at the Ramsey Golf Club – a spot our team are often to be found in after a hard day at work!


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