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The Key Things You Need To Know To Look After Your Wool Carpets and Rugs

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There is no other type of flooring that can compete with the luxurious and warm feel of a woolen carpet or rug. Unfortunately, wool is a naturally delicate product, which can become easily stained in a busy household. At Queen of Clean, we want to help our customers maximise the lifespan of their woolen carpets and rugs, which is why we have put together all our industry tips and tricks, which we have picked up over our years in the industry.

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Standard Cleaning Methods Are Not Sufficient For A Woolen Carpet

A woolen carpet is a thing of beauty, which is one of the main reasons why you bought it in the first place! But your carpet and flooring are exposed to a range of challenges every day, including dirt, dust, staining, and even bacteria. With the exception of a stain which can cause immediate damage, the other issues can slowly build up over time, destroying the look of your carpet. Unlike certain other flooring types, a quick run-over with a vacuum cleaner a few times a week might not be sufficient.

Protective Treatments Are A Start But They Are Not Infallible

As manufacturer’s knowledge and expertise has developed over the years, they have tried to provide some sort of protection for their products by treating them with certain chemicals. Unfortunately, although these treatments do provide some protection, there are never going to be 100 percent guaranteed, and in many ways, can give a false sense of security. Our first piece of advice is always to treat your woolen carpet as if it had no protection whatsoever, and at least that way, your family is likely to take more care and treat the carpet properly.

How To Take Care of Your Carpet

Top Up The Protective Layer Regularly: If your carpet has some protective layer applied, which the vast majority do, then initially, at least any dirt and debris will float on top of that layer and not embed itself in the carpet. Unfortunately, as you walk on the carpet, those dust particles will slowly pierce the protective layer and then begin to embed themselves more deeply in your carpet. Hoovering the carpet may initially deliver excellent results, at least to the eye, but the problem is that you may not only be sucking up the dirt and debris but also some of that precious protective treatment. There are specific treatments that you can buy that can be applied every time you hoover. Although this may seem excessive, at least you are providing the maximum level of protection possible to your carpet from the start. The last thing you want is for the dirt to become ingrained within the wool; prevention is undoubtedly better than cure.

Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned Annually: There is no substitute for professional carpet cleaning. At Queen of Clean, we have the correct equipment and materials to deliver a superior clean and restore your carpet to its original beauty. That is why we always recommend an annual clean to keep your woolen carpet in tip-top condition.

A woolen carpet is an expensive purchase, and you want to protect that investment. By following the advice above, your carpets will retain their wonderful appearance. Additionally, dirty carpets can cause health issues, so implementing a thorough and efficient carpet cleaning process should never be overlooked. Queen of Clean offers a full and comprehensive carpet cleaning service. For more information about the range of services we offer, contact us today on (07624) 237333.

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