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Useful Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean at Home

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Fitting carpets inside your home can be a costly exercise. By the time you add the costs for the underlay, the carpet itself and the fitting, the expense quickly adds up. To make sure that your investment lasts a long time, you need to do what you can to protect your carpets, that includes professional carpet cleaning at least annually. There are a few things you can do around your home in between professional carpet cleans.

  1. Vacuum your carpet regularly – This is the easiest and simplest piece of advice that you can use to keep your carpet clean. The most crucial piece of information that you should take away from this “regularly.” This means you should vacuum your carpet at least twice a week to rid it of the dirt that can get stuck in your carpet from all the foot traffic from people and pets that walk on it.

  2. Get a good vacuum cleaner – You have already invested a lot in a good carpet, so why not do the same with a vacuum? That way, you will have a great tool that can help you keep your carpet in great shape for a longer time. However, finding a suitable one amidst the wide variety of choices available can be a tricky task. We do however have a few tips to help you find a great vacuum. First, don’t go for the cordless ones as these are known for their low battery life and insufficient suction power. Second, you should get a vacuum has a turbo brush attachment, which works very well in sucking up loose soil and dust. Another great tip that you should remember when shopping for a vacuum is to find one that has a HEPA filter as these can trap allergens in the filter so that they don’t get blown out of the vacuum exhaust throughout the cleaning.

  3. Maintain your vacuum cleaner – Don’t forget to also clean your vacuum. Depending on how much you use it, you should consider cleaning the filters, brushes and pipes at least once every 3-6 months. You can clean them with an air compressor or if you don’t have access to one, you can just wash them and then, dry them out before placing them back. If any of the parts get worn out, you can simply replace them.

  4. Take your shoes off – There is no fool proof way to keep dirt from entering your home but one thing you can do to help minimise it is to ask everyone who is entering your home — whether it’s family members or guests — to take their shoes off in the hall. This method will help keep outside dirt and moisture from entering your property. Place a shoe rack in the hall where everyone can keep their shoes and encourage family members to wear slippers inside.

  5. Place doormats, rugs and runners –  You can help keep your carpet fresher for longer by placing doormats at different entrances of your house. Also, you should wash them properly or replace them entirely when they get worn out. To further protect areas where there is plenty of foot traffic, you can also place runners and rugs across the carpet. And lastly, you may want to put rugs in areas where stains are most likely to happen like the living room table or the front of the fireplace where soot staining could accumulate.

  6. Deals with stains as quickly as possible – If you notice that your carpet has a stain, don’t dilly-dally. Make sure you act on it as soon as possible or you run the risk of the stain setting in permanently. You should also make sure you are using the right kind of cleaning agent for the type of stain your carpet has. You should always check the label first to ensure that the materials that comprise the cleaning product are safe to use for the fibres of your carpet. This is a crucial step you should not forget to take as using the wrong chemical can lead to bleach marks and other unsightly stains. And lastly, you shouldn’t be too aggressive in getting stains out yourself as doing so just might damage the carpet further. If your product or cleaning technique fails to get the desired results, do not hesitate to call us for a fast response and advice.

  7. Keep your kitchen floors clean – Certain areas inside your home tend to attract dirt faster than other spaces. One such area is the kitchen, which tends to get easily covered in grease, dirt and other spills, which can then get transferred to the carpet as you walk out of the kitchen. For this reason, you should always strive to keep your kitchen floor clean at all times.

  8. Stay away from carpet cleaning powders – Carpet cleaning powders have been around for quite some time now and are popular among homeowners. This is because after you shake, sprinkle and then vacuum your carpet, it leaves it with a fresh smell. However, that’s all there is to it. Apart from making your carpet smell nice, it offers no critical cleaning results but just tricks you into thinking that it is. The cruel, hard, fact is that after a few hours, the fresh smell dissipates, leaving your carpet still dirty and now sticky from the residue of the powder.

  9. Be wary of using DIY carpet cleaning machines – The idea of renting a DIY carpet cleaning device may sound cost-efficient but in reality, you’ll spend a lot more and still not end up with great results. The thing is these cleaning machines do not have the power needed to properly lift moisture out of your carpet. This leaves you just smelly, wet carpets that take days to dry out.

  10. Don’t hesitate to work with professional carpet cleaning companies – Your carpet did not come cheap and for that reason, you should always try to take care of it in the best way possible. That’s why you should let the professionals handle it. With our wealth of knowledge and experience cleaning carpets, you have nothing to worry about. Equipped with industrial-grade equipment and top-of-the-line cleaning agents, you are assured of high-quality cleaning and great customer service.
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