Cleaning and Maintenance Guide For Your Wool Carpets and Rugs

How To Properly Care For Your Wool Carpets and Rugs

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A wool carpet or rug brings warmth, durability and beauty, as it complements the style of the home design. Wool is not only natural, renewable fibre, but as it contains lanolin, an oil that naturally repels stains and dust mites, as well as its natural properties, are able to deter bacterial growth. A delicate material, when investing in a wool carpet or rug, it is important that you care for it correctly. Proper care and maintenance will prolong its life for many years to come.

Along with lanolin, that naturally helps to protect wool carpet and rugs from stains and dust, many carpets manufactures prepare carpets with protective treatments. This acts as the first defence against dirt, bacteria and other elements. While this protective layer will wash off over time, to avoid any irreversible damages, you can get this replaced by a professional carpet cleaning service.

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Remove Stains As Soon As They Happen

While these protective layers will help to keep your carpet looking fresh, it’s still possible for spots and stains to occur and it’s important that you remove them as soon as they happen. Make sure that you never pour stain remover directly on a stain, always dab or blog, not scrub and always use a remover that is specifically recommended for woollen rugs and carpets.

Avoid soil accumulation, to keep soil from being walked into the carpet, use mats at all entrances and if possible, remove outdoor shoes. Heavy dirt is one of the major issues if you do get any marks to be sure to remove them immediately like you would any stain.

Vacuum Regularly

In the first few months, due to the way that a wool rug is woven it will shed fibres, this is completely natural, and you don’t have to worry about your rug becoming bare. In order to take good care of your carpet or rug, you must vacuum regularly and thoroughly, especially in high traffic areas. If your rug is fringed, start to vacuum in the middle, avoiding the fringing to prevent any damage. Seasonally rotating your rug or furniture can also help prevent damage, excessive patterns of wear and tear, as well as fading from sunlight.

Get An Annual Deep Clean

Along with vacuuming regularly to take good care of your wool carpets and rugs, you should get them a deep professional carpet clean at least once a year. As wool is a delicate fibre, enlisting the help of a professional will guarantee that your carpet or rug is treated correctly, ensuring it’s longevity. Not only will they be able to breath new life into your carpet, but their expert advice will help you with maintenance to ensure that your carpet is looking flawless all year round.

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