How to Effectively Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

How to Effectively Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

I think we can all agree how lovable pets are. That is until they shed hair and we are left with the tedious task of removing hair from surfaces all over the house including the carpet. Mind you, keeping every inch of your home as well as your clothing free of any fur can be very frustrating if you do not have the right knowledge and equipment. Before we take a look at the different methods that you can use, let’s first list down some of the things that you need.
  • Spray bottle
  • Fabric softener
  • Balloon
  • Squeegee
  • Rubber gloves or rubber flip flops
  • Lint roller
  • Baking soda
  • Vacuum cleaner (we recommending checking out the Dyson Animal as it’s a device that is specifically designed especially for animal fur)
Now that you have a fair idea of what are the things that you need, let’s move forward and discuss some methods that can help you properly remove pet fur.

Methods that can help you properly remove pet fur.

Fabric Softener Pet Hair Removal Technique
1. To start with, you should make a solution by combining one part fabric softener and three parts water inside a spray bottle
2. Then, take that mixture and spray your rug lightly with the mixture. Be cautious not to put on too much as you only need to spray a light mist over your carpet
3. Leave to dry
4. With all the pet fair now loosened up by the fabric softener, you should have no problem sucking them all up with your vacuum cleaner

Balloon Method

This may seem like a silly idea at first but hear us out and you’ll soon realise howthis method works.

1. Start by blowing up a balloon
2. Rub it lightly along the surface of your carpet
3. The static from the balloon will draw in the hairs, pulling them from the fibres of your carpet

Squeegee Method

We’re sure you have a squeegee just lying around the house. This method can be made even better if you have an extra wide one.

1. Start by pushing along the floor.
2. The rubber pulls up the pet hair, freeing it easily from your rugs.

Lint rollers/FURemover Method

Lint rollers and FURemover are two great tools that are made specifically for this tricky task. The lint roller is a small device that has a sticky surface that gets the pet hair as you roll it along the carpet or an article of clothing.

On the other hand, the FURemover is a unique carpet brush that is used for pet hair removal. You can find one at your local pet shop but if you don’t find one there, you may purchase one online. As for how you use it, you use it like a regular brush!

Rubber Glove/Flip Flop Technique

1. These two go hand in hand because you have to wear both of these things on your hands.
2. You start by getting them slightly damp and then, you can wipe them over the surface of your rugs and carpets and watch as the fur sticks to them!

However, there will be a time when neither of these techniques will sufficiently
clean your carpet of all pet hair. Don’t worry though as you can just give us a call
and we’ll be on-site to properly clean your carpet and leave it fresher than ever

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If it’s been over a year since your last carpet commercial cleaning appointment, it’s high time for you to give us a call and book a service appointment. We are the company to call when it comes to professional carpet cleaning throughout the Isle of Man. We know too well how dirt and bacteria can build up quickly hence the need to keep your carpets and other furnishings clean.

Need a stain removal service? Look no further!

We also have many years of experience in removing stains from all kinds of carpets including those made from wool and other natural fine fabrics. Common stains that we usually remove from carpets include tea, coffee and all manner of stains.

If you want your carpet cleaned in the best way possible, all you have to do is give us a call. We’ll discuss the project and other key details, including the cleaning schedule and cost. Then you can experience carpet cleaning results that you’ve never ever had before. At the end of the cleaning process, you can expect your carpets to be fast drying, fluffy, fresh, and wonderfully clean at a very reasonable price.

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